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Spring is Poppin’ Out All Over!

IMG_2406esterday was the first day of spring, but the wild flowers and watercress were way ahead of the curve. Check out this photo of watercress down by the old Mill’s spring. I planted it there years ago and each spring, I’m rewarded with my effort.

My neighbor, Erin, took a bunch of photos of what’s poking through the soil on her farm across the road. All of them have a WOW visual impact of what’s poppin’ up.

Treat yourself to some of Erin’s  springtime visual delights. And if that’s not enough to wet your appetite for Mother Nature, check out her other blog spots on her site, like documenting the daily lives of her now large flock of chickens and her little duck family.


As for me, on my little patch of heaven,  another of my favorites is wild yellow aconite which is blooming all over the hillside. I remember fondly my friend, Ike, sharing a few of these plants years ago. “Plant them on a hillside. They take 3 years to flower. After that, they spill their seed onto the ground below”, he told me. Yep, that’s what’s happening!



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