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Sodastream Review: What is Sodastream Soda Maker?

Sodastream Review: What is Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker?

What is the Sodastream? Make your own sparkling water and soda at home with the Sodastream Soda Maker.

Ever since sparkling water became a staple at our house, we’ve been looking for a product like the Sodastream soda maker.

Our passion for soda water was becoming a chore. With each trip to the grocery came a certain amount of lugging and juggling – inevitably the bottles of sparkling water rolling around in the trunk – before being carried in to the house.

There were the constant treasure hunts through the fridge. “There’s got to be one more bottle in here” followed by “Are we out of sparkling water again”?

And then there were the empties. Even with the bottles going into the recycling bin, every bottle of sparkling water came with a certain amount of guilt. It’s hard to feel very green when you’re carrying a dozen empty seltzer water bottles to the curb every week.

But now that we have the Sodastream No More.

Soda water at Home? Sodastream figured it out.

Sodastream Review - Kit

Sodastream Review – Kit

Now we have the Sodastream Fountain Jet – a counter top unit that lets us make seltzer at home. An incredibly convenient, affordable and useful appliance that probably gets more use than our microwave. We’ll have a review of the soda flavors to post shortly, but as a sparkling water maker – the Fountain Jet nails it.

The concept is simple. For about $80, the start-up kit comes with everything you need to get started making your own seltzer water. The Sodastream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker, two CO2 “Carbonators” and two high quality reusable bottle. Set up is very easy – the carbonator slides up and screws in to the back of the machine, and you’re ready to go.
Screw in one of the heavy duty bottles filled with cold tap water, press the button down on the top of the Sodastream Fountain Jet a couple of times and you’ve got perfectly carbonated sparkling water.

It’s hard to write a review without mentioning the funny noise the Fountain Jet makes. It makes my 4 year old giggle every time she hears it. As you push down the button to carbonate your water, pressure builds in the bottle. And the Sodastream Fountain Jet emits sort of a buzzing sound as it releases excess pressure. Three buzzes and your water is carbonated.

Sodastream Review - Screwing on Bottle

Sodastream Review – Screwing on Bottle

Speaking of 4 year olds. That’s how easy it is to have carbonated water. I screw the bottle of cold water onto the Sodastream unit and my 4 year-old can do the carbonation herself. And she loves how the bubbles tickle her nose.

The initial $79.99 starter kit is certainly an investment, but one that pays off if you drink a lot of soda water. Our first bottle of CO2 yielded about 50 one litter bottles of bubbly water. That’s about $1.60 each. The second tank gave us about 48 litters. Taking us down to .$82. That’s about half price compared to a 1 litter bottle of Poland Springs Sparkling water at the super market.

Refill tanks for the CO2 are readily available in many metro areas. A quick trip to William Sonoma restocked my supply at $13.99 per 14.5 oz tank. William Sonoma stocks another of the Sodastream product, The Penguin, as well as canisters for the Fountain Jet model. Replacement products are also sold from select Sam’s Clubs, Boater’s World and Camping World stores.

Sodastream Review - CO2 Bottles

Sodastream Review – CO2 Bottles

Sodastream also gets kudos for the design of their bottles. My Fountain Jet came with 2 plastic BPA-free bottles. The bottles are heavy duty with large open mouths and sturdy bottoms. The real key though is the cap. The Sodastream seltzer bottles come with a heavy-duty hermetic sealing bottle cap. I’m amazed how long my bottles of seltzer stay fizzy when the cap is on tight.

Sodastream Fountain Jet Summary: If you’re a fan of sparkling water, this product is a great investment. It’s easy to use, convenient and it makes great sparkling water.

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