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What do you do for dessert when it snows? Make Snow Ice Cream

Snow Cream

Snow Ice Cream


Did you ever make snow ice cream as a kid? When my boys were little, making ice cream out of fresh snow was so fun. So I brought the recipe out from my archives and am sharing it again. We have several inches of beautiful, clean snow right underneath the clothesline that is perfect.  Now this isn’t a real creamy ice cream, but it is so good and the whole deal is that you are making memories especially with the little ones.

I made it by just putting a good amount of packed snow in a bowl and  pouring a mixture of condensed milk and vanilla in it until it was the consistency I liked. If I would have had lemon juice, I would have added a squirt of that, too.

You have to eat this right away, but that’s usually not a problem!

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