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Simple Country Pleasures: February 2018 – a Surprise in the Ditch

Watercress growing in a country ditch

Watercress in February growing in a country ditch

Yesterday was so “bleary”, misting rain, no sun, just an ordinary southwestern Ohio winter day out here “in the sticks”. I ventured beyond my little patch of heaven for a walk along our old country road. Down by the old mill the river stilll had patches of ice in it. As I poked along, looking for any signs of spring, I happened onto a fairly nice size of wild watercress just barely breaking the surface of the water in a road-side ditch. Take a look at the photo above- spring really isn’t far behind!

And even though the sun may not be shining, there are still many simple country pleasures to behold:

Brrr!  Looks cold!

River bank by the old mill. Brrr! Looks cold!



In the winter, these redbirds flock together, sort of like a family. In summer they're more solitary.

In the winter, these redbirds flock together, sort of like a family. In summer they’re more solitary. View outside our bedroom bay window looking down toward the river.



Our outhouse. Glad we don't use it for that!

Our outhouse. Glad we don’t use it for that!


Herb garden in winter

Herb garden in winter


Nothing goes to waste

Waste not, want not



Stacking wood for our stove

A nice pile of wood


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