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Rye planted in field, Clothes hanging on Line and A Thanksgiving Wish

IMG_5359IMG_5423It was a brisk and breezy morning – around 35 degrees when I set out to hang clothes today. As I hung out the clothes and glanced at the field next to our veggie garden planted with winter rye, my spirit was filled with gratitude for these simple country pleasures.

And my gratitude extends to each of you, my readers, listeners and viewers. You have made the journey right along with me. Remember when my brilliant webmaster, John, first approached me years ago about having a web page? I had just an inkling of what that meant and no idea how to navigate through the web.

These many years later I am still not high tech, but the benefit of the caring and sharing you and I experience on a daily basis is valued beyond what I can express in words.

So I’ll get off my soapbox and simply wish my webmaster, John and his family a blessed Thanksgiving, and for each of you, the same wish and blessing.

Eat till it “ouches” you!



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