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Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Rita’s Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

I think pumpkin soup has a luxurious flavor and texture that I really love. And since canned pumpkin is available year round, you should think of this pumpkin soup recipe beyond the fall. On a chilly Sunday afternoon, this is a great choice when you want that cozy-cuddled-up-by-the-fire feeling.

If you’ve got fresh pumpkin and feel like forgoing the canned version, you can make your own by roasting a small pumpkin in the oven until it’s soft. Then, make the puree by processing the carved out pumpkin flesh in a food processor.

This is a great pumpkin soup recipe if you like to experiment in the kitchen as well. A bit of brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon and a bit of ground nutmeg and you’ve transformed it in to a completely different soup – not to mention creating your very own pumpkin soup recipe.

This is also an easy soup to make if you have any young ‘aspiring’ chef’s in your family. My webmaster John loves to make soup with his 8 year old daughter.


Pumpkin Soup Recipe

4 cups chicken broth
15 oz canned pumpkin
1-2 teaspoons curry powder
Pinch of thyme (optional but good)
Onion powder or enough minced onion to taste

If using minced onion, sauté that in a bit of butter. Then add everything else. If using onion powder, start with a half teaspoon or so and just put everything in a pan and bring to a boil.

Season to taste with salt and pepper and more curry powder if you want. Serves 6.

A wonderful Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween isn’t the only time to enjoy pumpkin soup!

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