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Peppermint iced tea: a natural coolant

DSCN4551My Heirloom Mint

Rita’s fresh peppermint iced tea

For Matt, who has an abundance of mint and asked: “How do I substitute fresh mint for the amount of mint that’s in a teabag?”

Take a generous couple handful of mint leaves and crush them a little between your palms or with a spoon to release the oils. Place into a large mug or jar. Pour 2 cups simmering water over, cover and steep about 10 minutes. Strain and taste. Add more water if you like, and pour tea over ice. I like to sweeten it with raw honey or Stevia and serve with a wedge of citrus.

Health benefits:

Along with vitamin C, mint is a good digestive herb and the tea is a natural coolant. Stevia  Stevia

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