A Springtime Walk in the Woods – Guess What I found!

Another spring day to explore.  As I walked down the steps leading to the East Fork River I found some brave little wild flowers poking through the cold soil. (Will it ever get warm?). The top photo is blood wort, which the Indian used medicinally and as a dye. If you break the stem, you’ll …

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Dandelion Lavender Muffins, Anyone?

  Once again, my adventurous neighbor Erin Phillips of Phillipsfarmbatavia.com was in her kitchen again, making muffins. But not just ordinary muffins. Muffins with dandelion flowers and lavender. She brought me some over. Need I say they were different and yummy? Check out her recipe on her site. 

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A Spring Salad of Wild Edibles

Yum! I picked these today. All bursting with nutrition and delish with a simple balsamic dressing. Also, check out an article I wrote or Edible Ohio Valley on foraging for spring wild edibles. I think you’ll like it!

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Red & Gold Beet Salad Best Ever

How many of you didn’t like beets as a kid but love them now? Count me in on that one. Fresh beets were not something I grew up with (they’re available now year ‘round), but canned beets made their appearance with some hard boiled egg on top. My husband, Frank, has always loved beets but …

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Russian Kale is Tender and Yummy in Salad

I love any kind of kale, but Russian is my favorite. It’s tender and like all kales, chock full of vitamins and minerals. An anti-cancer green as well!  Here’s my latest have shared by a reader. RUSSIAN KALE SALAD Ingredients Salad Combine and set aside: 4 cups very finely chopped kale Palmful chopped toasted almonds 1 …

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Purple Wild flowers of Southwestern Ohio

Is there a more beautiful, vibrant color than purple in early spring? Mother Nature is sure decked out!

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Simple Country Pleasures

Yesterday granddaughter Ellery and I took a walk through the woods down to the old mill by the river. We picked wild onions for our salad. Later my neighbor Erin stopped by to show me her wild bounty. Good thing we did it yesterday. Today when we woke up here’s what we saw:  

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Quick Chicken Marsala and Rapini

Are you as anxious as I am to get outside and “dig in the dirt”? It’s all about the experience, getting outside to enjoy Mother Nature. I really don’t think it matters whether you have 40 acres and a plow, a big vegetable garden, a tabletop garden, or simply a few flowers, herbs or other …

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What did the Ancient Israelites Eat?

Each week I chat with Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show. This week their pledge drive is going on, so if you can contribute either monetarily or with a prayer, I hope you do so. We talked today about what people of Bible days ate in the area of the world where Jesus was born. …

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How Many Glasses of Water Daily?

Check out my article in Countryside Magazine on the Benefits of Lemon Water. Along with that timely information, I found this super information from Dr. Weil’s site and wanted to share. Here’s why you need to drink water: Want to promote healthy skin and proper digestion? Interested in a natural detoxifier? Water is a basic necessity. The …

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