Rita’s Zuppa Toscana like Olive Garden


My Locinato kale and new potatoes are ready for harvest, so I made this yummy soup. I hope you like it as much as we do! Rita’s Zuppa Toscana like Olive Garden You can use sweet Italian sausage and add red pepper flakes to taste if you want. Note the dry mashed potato flakes in …

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Mom’s Meatloaf for Busy Days


This week we have been beyond busy. Still harvesting fall greens from the garden. Still pulling out stray gourds from the tangle of vines on the manure pile. Still moving potted tender perennial herbs from the herb garden to the attached garage to get them acclimated for a winter’s rest. When my sons come this …

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Vintage Popcorn Balls for Halloween – Remember these?


One of my recipe group friends, Dottie K., shared this generational recipe – she’s been making them for decades and they are great for mailing! HALLOWEEN POPCORN BALLS 5 quarts popped corn 1 cup candy corn 4 Tablespoon butter 1 cup brown sugar ½ cup light corn syrup ½ of 14 oz. can sweetened condensed …

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Here’s a tombstone so ancient it’s grown into a tree. From the mid 1800′s. It’s in the cemetery on the old country road where I live.      

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Time to do the spice and herb sniff test again!


With the holidays upon us, nothing is worse than getting a container of dried herbs or spices out of the pantry ready to add to your recipe, but when you open it, no aroma wafts out. Uh oh…… Open container and sniff. Does it smell like the spice/herb it’s supposed to be? If not, toss …

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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Pepita Snack Mix for Halloween= WHOOPIE!!!!

Pumpkin carving is at its height right now, and it’s “in” not to waste the seeds. I save some for next year’s crop and also use some to make roasted pumpkin seeds. My newest fave is this sweet and spicy one. But another way to use pumpkins, as in puree, is in this recipe for …

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How to Keep a Pumpkin From Rotting

Granddaughters El and Em harvesting pumpkins

How to Keep Pumpkins Fresh Starts with Picking the Right One     1: Pick a Healthy Pumpkin First, make sure that you start with a fresh and healthy pumpkin. Choose a firm pumpkin with no soft spots and its stem in tact. Starting off with a firm pumpkin means that your carved pumpkin has …

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Proud Mama


A few days ago I was presenting before a group of folks and the topic was “Eating from the Garden of Eden” – you know, the type of food and herbs that are healthy to eat and easy to fix. Anyway, we got on the subject of seafood and I was telling them how, with our …

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Stuffed Mushrooms Monterrey – Do Ahead Appetizer for Halloween

Whoda’ thought mushrooms were an ancient Biblical food eaten mainly by Royals and soldiers going to war? Today I chatted with Annie  Mitchell on the Sonrise Morning Show, Sacred Heart Radio about mushrooms. Did you know how nutritious mushrooms are? And did you know you can make one of my most popular catering appetizers with them? …

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What’s that buzzing sound? A Hornet? Find Out Here

European Hornets Cause Concern When friend and colleague, Joe Boggs, of OSU Extension Agency, talks about hornets, especially this time of year, I listen. So should you. Take a look: Bug Bytes Authors Joe Boggs Published on October 4, 2017 At some point each season, I have come to expect receiving at least one phone …

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