Honeysuckle Flowers Perfect for Wild Flower Jelly

Today my neighbor, Erin and I picked honeysuckle flowers, which are abundant and oh so fragrant, to make jelly. Here’s a photo of my harvest in my Mom’s ancient colander:

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How Long Does it Take Tomatoes to Grow?

How Long Does it Take Tomatoes to Grow? 7 Easy Steps to Save Seeds and Grow Tomatoes How long does it take tomatoes to grow? That depends upon the type of tomato, the climate, and whether it’s grown in the ground or in containers. Tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae, or nightshade family, along with eggplants …

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How to make an Onion taste milder, or stronger: It’s all in the cut

Cook’s Illustrated says it perfectly. For a milder flavor, cut with the grain (top to bottom) and use the outer layers. This ruptures fewer cells in the onion, keeping the strong smell and taste somewhat confined. Nice in salads or sandwiches. For a stronger flavor, cut against the grain (crosswise) and use the inner layers. …

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The best chocolate sheet cake. Ever. (AKA Church lady cake, Texas sheet cake).

This version is from pioneer woman Ree Drummond. She came to Cincinnati last autumn and was every bit as friendly in person as she is on her TV show and in her books. This is deep, dark, chocolate cake with a fudgy icing. You can make it ahead. My cake kept in the refrigerator, covered, …

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Join Ron and me at Turner Farms Monday May 21!

I hope you’ll join Ron Wilson and me at Turner Farms Monday May 21 at 6:30 for our annual class “Everything you wanted to know about “yardening”, landscaping, herbs, flowers, you name it. Ron will put on his plant doctor’s cap and I will put on my herbal chef coat. You’ll enjoy my recipes and …

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Swirled Cinnamon Bread and Dutch Baby Pancakes for Mothers Day

Before I could make the recipes I’m sharing for cinnamon quick bread and Dutch baby pancakes, I had to wait until my “girls/chickens” laid eggs. They sure were taking their time laying today. But lay they did. Check out the photo of my bounty: blue, green, pink, brown eggs. Good job, girls! With mother’s day …

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Dulce de Leche Pan Bars THE Perfect Cinco de Mayo Treat

  Dulce de leche pan bars For Connie, who wanted an easy but yummy dessert for Cinco de Mayo. Ingredients 1-1/2 cups flour mixed with 1/4 teaspoon salt 1-1/2 cups oats 1 cup dark or light brown sugar, packed 8 oz. butter, softened a bit 1 cup English toffee bits 1 can, 13.4 oz. dulce …

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Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad Nice for Cinco de Mayo

CORIANDER/CILANTRO Coriander is referenced several times in the Old Testament. ”And the food became known as manna – meaning  “What is it? It was white like coriander seed and flat and tasted like honey bread.” Cilantro is such a popular herb and it comes from the Coriander seed. Are they used the same?   Cilantro is …

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Asparagus and Wild mushroom Bread Pudding – Oh Yeah!

Now if this isn’t serendipitous, I don’t know what is. I was weeding the asparagus patch and lamenting that it’s the middle of April and not 1 asparagus has poked through the soil. Ditto for wild morel mushrooms. Well, my neighbor Erin Phillips, who lives across the road, made a batch of asparagus and wild …

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Fried Kibbi a Staple on Sunday

Most Sundays I fry up a batch of kibbi just to nosh on – ground lamb, bulghur wheat,spices, onion, bell pepper (Mom used to call bell peppers “mangoes” – I guess it was a Cincinnati thing…). Grandson Will and son Jason came over to help till the gardens, work in the wood pile, etc.so the …

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