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Once again, Brisket Braises Beautifully

Image 1When I work with young people who are just starting to equip their kitchens, I have 2 rules:

Buy quality cutlery. I have used my Henckels and Wusthoff chef’s knives made in Germany for well over a decade.

Buy quality cookware. Like the enameled cast iron Dutch oven I cooked the brisket in during my cooking segment on Fox 19  with Frank Marzullo.

Ask lots of questions when purchasing kitchen equipment. There are lots of good brands to choose from.

Anchor Frank  Marzullo appreciates good cookware!

Anchor Frank Marzullo appreciates good cookware!

Briskets take to long and slow cooking and my Le Creuset pan (enameled cast iron)  heats evenly with no hot spots so I’m guaranteed a moist, flavorful brisket. And now I’m done talking about briskets!

What’s your favorite cookware and cutlery?




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