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Old fashioned Crabapples


Old fashioned Crabapples!

Old fashioned Crabapples!


 I could hardly believe it. When I passed by the old fashioned crabapple tree, it was loaded. (Now I can’t tell you where the tree is – it’s a secret!). Anyway, I told my neighbor Erin about it and asked if she wanted to pick. She was so funny – she said “Sure, I like to pick random things like that”.  We filled our baskets and mine is outside the back kitchen door in the shade. Erin already is making pickles with hers.  When I finish my myriad tasks, I hope to make jelly, pickles and wine. Maybe wine first. 

I have to chuckle at Erin – she reminds me of my catering partner, Bert. Quick on the draw.  Here’s an example: Bert and I went to the produce docks and each got a bushel of peaches. Before Bert drove home from my house, I was betting she was driving with one hand and peeling with the other….

Check out Erin’s site to learn about her life on her farm: www.phillipsfarmbatavia.com.




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