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Nothing artificial in these strawberry fruit rollups

Best fruit leather

If you look at this beautiful photo of fruit leather/rollup, you may be surprised that it contains only strawberries and a bit of honey from the hives. Black locust honey, to be exact.  Anyway, here’s the easy recipe:

These are better than anything you can buy. Full of vitamins and fiber! I sweetened mine with honey from our hives.  This was fun making these with Eva, 7 and Emerson, 3 with berries left over from making jam.

Puree strawberries – I put mine in the food processor.
Sweeten to taste – you won’t need much of whatever you decide to use. You may not want to sweeten at all!
Spray a cookie sheet
Pour raw puree on to about 1/8″ or so.
Dry either in dehydrator or oven (140 degrees approx.) or in sun (cover w/screen and bring in at night or if it rains).
It’s dry when you can pull it up in one piece. This takes up to 3 days in the sun depending upon how hot it is, about 4-6 or so hrs in a low oven or dehydrator.
Store, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, parchment or foil  (lay on wrap and roll up so it doesn’t stick to itself) at room temp for a week or in frig for a month or in freezer 2 months.

DSCN7551                                                Black Locust Honey

Day 1 in the sun

Day 1 in the sun

Eva and her strawberry jamIt was a strawberry kind of day for sure. Here’s granddaughter Eva with her jars of strawberry  jam.

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