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photoFrom my bestest friend, Carol, who lives in Harrison, Indiana. What a thrill it was to get her email, and here it is verbatim:

“Let me tell you a sweet story: when Kent was here fishing last Thurs., he mentioned he’d seen a morel in the yard. He took me to where he thought it was, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small stand of them! RIGHT IN THE YARD! Right next to the lake! Never, ever, before have we found morels there:

I watched them for a day, and decided to pick them because they did not appear to grow any, and they also looked somewhat dry.  Here is the harvest:

After reading up on them some more/again, I harvested them in a net bag, and waved the bag all around the yard while they were still in it, to distribute the spores. I also poured the rinse water in the yard. I am hoping to see more next year. It’s worth a try. I also clipped them above the ground and left part of the stalk so the mycelium could grow again. And, I did go out in the woods, and hunted them there, but struck out. But I won’t quit looking.

I wrapped them in a damp towel and refrigerated them, and they kept great. On Sunday I made an omelet and stuffed it with the morels, sliced up and sautéed in Smart Balance.

I don’t want to brag, but it’s the absolute best omelet we’ve ever had! And we’re still talking about it today!  We are hoping to find some more morels, and maybe this time I’ll make that “elegant” cream of mushroom soup that Mama Aggie loved!

Love and hugs to all, and happy ‘chroming!”



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