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More Simple Country Pleasures

Taking a break from crawdad hunting

Taking a break from crawdad hunting

Did you ever have a day when the house needed cleaning, clothes washed, and myriad other items to be done, only to spend your day with the little ones instead? I remember my sister, Liz, who had so many kids I lost count. She gave me this priceless advice: “For the kids, a perfect house isn’t what they need; spending time with them is what they’ll remember most.”

I followed that advice when my own boys were young, and now I’m doing the same with the grandchildren.

Case in point: I was able to have granddaughter Eva over for 2 days straight. Eva is my nature girl. She loves to visit my neighbor, Erin, and see her chickens, ducks and pond. Eva remarked on Erin’s new hoop type fence for cucumbers. Observant!  Eva helped me feed our chickens, tend the garden and pick bouquets of flowers.

We spent both days with her making tabouleh with produce from the garden, holding her favorite chicken, Luna, (and feeding it tabouleh), making jewelweed salve for her little sis, going down to the river to catch crawdads and swim.

Exploring there gave a bonus of a soft shell spotted turtle, which is now residing outside our back kitchen door in a plastic tub. Our neighbors, Erin and Josh Phillips,  let their boys, Oliver & Baxter, come over to catch crawdads with Eva in the river.  Eva showed them how to hold crawdads without getting pinched (I was not that brave). After catching a good number of crawdads, they wound up shedding boots and flip flops and swimming  in the still water and in the shallow currents. Oliver led the pack with a shout “I’m the strongest and oldest boy so I’ll lead!”

 Adventure  was the word of the day!



Eva's jewelweed salve

Eva’s jewelweed salve


Soft shelled spotted turtle - can you see it?

Soft shelled spotted turtle – can you see it?

Baxter swimming to catch up with Eva and Oliver

Baxter swimming to catch up with Eva and Oliver

Yes, life can be simple and rewarding…..

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  1. Erin Phillips

    Thank you for inviting our guys to join your adventures. They had a grand time!

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