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Making Victorian Manger “pouches” – here’s how


I’ve had lots of dialog about the Victorian manger herbs post. Here’s more information about where to purchase, how to display, etc. the manger herbs:

Most grocery stores  have those little blister packs of herbs or, right now, potted rosemary shaped like little trees.
My suggestion would be to go with thyme, rosemary, mint. As far as how to display them, you can either dry them and put them in a little cloth pouch (or just purchase the leaves already dried, or leave them fresh and scatter the leaves along the floor of the manger, or if the actual bed is large enough, line it with some sprigs. I like to make up little cheesecloth or silk pouches (available at craft stores) with a combo of the dried manger herbs as a Christmas “extra” gift, especially nice for those who are ill.

One more thing, you can purchase chamomile and mint teas and just slit the bag open and empty the contents into your “mix” of manger herbs.

FYI here’s a photo of the kind of pouch I use. This particular pouch is a “sweet dreams” pouch containing lavender & hops, but you get the idea.

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