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Making rose hip jelly

Cooking rose hips for jelly

Cooking rose hips for jelly

Today I finally got to cooking the huge rose hips/seed pods of wild roses my friends Bert & Bob brought back from the seashore in Maine. Rose hips are chock full of vitamins A & C.  Tonight I’ll make the jelly since the cooked hips have to be strained and I like to do that gently, in a cheesecloth bag hung over the cabinet so the clear juice can drip into the bowl. I’ll share photos of the finished jelly later.

A busy time of year for sure, getting the tender perennial herbs ready for their winter home in the garage, picking the last of the peppers to can and dry seeds for next year, and gathering wood for a cozy winter inside our little patch of heaven.

I love autumn but not the short days. How about you?


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