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Making Fairy Gardens

Neighbor Cindy and boys

Neighbor Cindy and boys

I’ve made fairy gardens with my own boys way back when and also with the grandkids. Yesterday, our neighbors, Oliver & Baxter Phillips, wanted to make fairy gardens. Actually it was Oliver who asked and Baxter, his little brother, came along.

Cindy Johnson Grgetic, our neighbor down the road, is lead botanical architect for Northern Kentucky studio Applied Imagination is an amazingly talented woman. What she sees in nature is not the normal twig, leaf, bark, etc. She sees a window in a half of a walnut shell, a door in a leaf, and more.

It was fun introducing the boys to Cindy. They came back with baskets of natural items for a fairy garden. Oh by the way, Oliver wanted the big piece of lumber you see in the photo. (Not sure why!). We started to work on the gardens but the boys had company coming and were excited about seeing their aunt, uncle, cousins, etc. So I put the fairy garden supplies away for another day….

Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose

Hauling the goods home

Hauling the goods home

Made of all natural materials!!!


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  1. Erin Phillips

    Our boys love their visits to your house Rita! You are always up for an adventure of some kind – culinary or otherwise…

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      It’s the little ones who inspire me, Erin. Thanks again for the kombucha starter – after 2 days I see a bit of activity.

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