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Le Soupe provides meals for hungry children

DSCN7257Suzy DeYoung, proprietor of Le Soupe  here in Cincinnati, told me ” My work life has so many ups and downs , the only thing I know for sure is making soups and meals for hungry kids is simply the most rewarding job Ive ever put myself in. Now I am working hard on a sustainable model that other restaurants can be part of the give and Cincinnati can be known as the most green and giving city!”.  Suzy takes restaurant and grocery discarded or day old veggies and produce and rescues them, turning these nutritious veggies into healthy and yummy soups for kids.

Suzy comes from a long line of French educated chefs. Her dad, Chef Adrian, was the Maisonette’s first chef in Cincinnati, bringing it to 5 star status. Her sister has a lovely bistro La Petite Pierre in Madeira. Suzy made her Aunt Helene’s supper soup on my cable show – tossing in whatever veggies were on hand and adding ginger and lemon for zing and balance. I made a loaf of quick country bread to go along with the soup.

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  1. Kelly Lekowski

    Hi Rita.
    I remember years ago that you spoke to our moms group in hyde park and I was so impressed! Now I live in Anderson and I’ve been looking for a cooking class or camp for my daughter and her friends who are around 13.
    I haven’t found very many opportunities for this summer and wondered if you have any suggestions?
    I would LOVE it if you had the time… My kitchen or yours!
    We would pay you well!! Let me know what you think or any other things you are aware of!
    Thank you so much, Kelly Lekowski

    I’m aware of one at the cookwares store but my daughter is busy that week
    The St Ursula Academy camp sold out immediately!

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      Hi, Kelly,

      I do remember the Hyde Park moms group – fun ladies. I need to know about how many may be attending. And send me some available dates.


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