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Hungry? Pull up some Wild Onions


Yesterday the weather turned fairly warm and my 2 granddaughters, Ellery and Emerson, took a walk with me in our woods. We found wild onions (or wild garlic whichever you call it) in abundance and so tender. See that patch of it right in front of the fieldstone step? Perfect sub for chives!

(Now I have to caution you to be sure to get a positive ID and pick “clean” specimens). Don’t pick from roadways or wherever pollution might lurk.

We also found wild yellow aconite blooming profusely, poking through the leaves like tiny yellow sunbeams. Those we’ll float in a shallow crystal bowl for the dinner table.

Yep, spring is on its way!IMG_2690

Emerson retrieving her cat, Rain, from a tree limb

Emerson retrieving her cat, Rain, from a tree limb

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