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Hummus: I’m Sharing My “Famous” Hummus Recipe


Summary: Rita’s Family Hummus Recipe: Hummus is spelled many different ways. You’ll find it in cookbooks and on-line spelled a lot of different ways. How ever you spell it though, hummus is delicious. Hummus is a flavorful mix of chick peas, garlic, tahini, olive oil and a few other simple ingredients. Hummus can be served as a dip or a spread with pita bread, crackers or even on a sandwich.

Hummus is now commonly sold in grocery stores, but, like so many things, home-made is the best. You can adjust the seasonings in your version to appeal to your palate – a bit more lemon, a little less garlic, a dash of hot sauce – make you hummus to taste.

I’m from a big Lebanese family, and grew up with Hummus, which used to be considered peasant food.

Now it’s all the rage – and no wonder, Hummus is healthful and sooo good! Here’s how to make it. Just put everything into a food processor, or mash it by hand.




Hummus Recipe

1 can, approx 15 oz, chick peas (garbanzo or ceci beans), drained and rinsed.
(Read labels. Sometimes beans are processed with sugar, which should be rinsed off. Chick peas have lots of iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins. )
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tablespoons Tahini or more to taste
(Tahini, or sesame seed paste, is ground sesame seeds, which contain bone-building calcium and vitamins.)
1 teaspoon cumin
1/4 cup plain yogurt
2 tablespoons olive oil, or to taste
Salt to taste

Blend well and serve with crisp pita wedges (which are very low fat) , a mound of olives, some crisp vegetables and you have a wonderful, healthy appetizer! Yes, the olives do contain fat, but they’re processed with olive oil and that’s a healthy fat.

Now, if you’d like to make the best veggie wrap or pita sandwich in the world, here’s how to do it:

Spread some hummus on the inside halves of pita bread or spread it on a soft flour tortilla. Now add these finely diced or shredded veggies (or think of your own combination): cucumber, carrots, black or green olives, avocado, sprouts, pickles, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, radishes, you name it – anything goes.

Rita’s Hummus Recipe Video “How To”

Hummus tips from Rita’s Kitchen: Secret to ultra smooth hummus: peel canned chickpeas before making hummus. The peels “pop” right off between thumb & forefinger.

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