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How to “Unstick” Frosting on Brownies and Cakes

Image - Version 2It happened to me today and I’ll be it’s happened to you. I covered my frosted brownies with plastic wrap and made sure the wrap did not touch the frosted brownies. Well sometime during the day the wrap fell onto the frosting and when I tried to gently pull if off – the frosting stuck to the wrap. I scraped off the frosting and put it back on the brownies. Then I took my hair dryer and waved it across the frosting and voila! The frosting melted just enough for me to respread it, making my brownies look presentable again.


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  1. gwen peerless

    I tried to make fudge but put in double the marshmallow creme (by mistake) . what can I use it for now?

  2. gwen peerless

    I tried making choc. fudge but put in double marshmallow creme (my mistake) what can I use this sweet gummy goodness for now?

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      What recipe did you use? I can help “fix” it after you let me know.

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