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How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine/ Liqueur

Apple Pie Moonshine/Liqueur

Apple Pie Moonshine/Liqueur

It’s the new kid on the block with an ancient history. Do you call it moonshine or liqueur? Depends, I guess, on where you’re from….. Unbelievably easy and oh so good. Wonderful for guests as a welcoming, warming drink, or to imbibe on your own.  It’s good chilled, as well, or added to Sangria or your favorite cocktail.

Makes a memorable gift from the kitchen, too!

Thanks to bestest friend Carol Spry Vanover for sharing this recipe – Carol, if I remember right, got it from a friend of hers, so this recipe has been making the rounds. And here’s the story behind it:

This week we had a bunch of “sickies” in our family.  Granddaughter Ellery came down with the croup and her sister, Emerson, had a mild form of it. Son Shane had a sore throat and me, well, I caught a vicious sinus infection.

My first line of defense for the little ones was a drink of lemon and honey. For Shane’s throat I suggested a salt gargle. As for me, I drank lots of ginger tea. But here’s the twist. At the same time I was making ginger tea I was testing this recipe for apple pie liqueur.  Of course, testing means tasting, so you know I just had to taste as I went along making it.  Now I don’t know if it was a combination of the ginger tea and apple pie moonshine liqueur, but I never recovered from anything upper respiratory so darn quick!

I understand chefs on the east and west coast are now using this liqueur as an ingredient in mixed drinks.

BTW Everclear potent liquor and my brand is made from corn, with a proof of 151! That’s why you don’t need much of it. Everclear lasts forever in the pantry. The liqueur is delicious warm or chilled.


4 cups apple juice

4 cups apple cider

1/2 cup sugar

4 cinnamon sticks, 2” or so each, pounded

3/4 cup Everclear liquor

Bring apple juice, cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks to a gentle boil and cook about 5 minutes to allow cinnamon flavor to infuse. Let cool.  Strain.  Add Everclear and stir.  Keep in refrigerator. Serve warm in mugs with cinnamon stick or apple slice.




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