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How to Make a Mojito: A Refreshing Mojito Recipe

How to Make a Mojito – Made with Sugar or Stevia

Our friend Ron Wilson – who contributes his gardening column to our site – has sure been getting his exercise lately. Rita’s recommendation…”how to make a mojito!”  Making a Mojito the right way creates a refreshing drink that tastes delicious on a warm summer day.

Mojitos have the taste of Cuba without the travel. Legend states that the first person to figure out how to make a mojito was Richard Drake – a famed English pirate. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and don’t crush the mint leaves to aggressively or you end up with a ‘grassy’ mess. A simple drink with simple ingredients misses the mark if a bartender – amateur or pro – doesn’t know how to make a mojito! Enjoy Rita’s recipe: “How to make a Mojito”. A Note to Our Gardening Friend, Ron Wilson on Mojitos.

Well, Yardboy, since you walked in a Mini-marathon on Sunday, I’m thinking you might need a few power drinks to keep you going. Try the non-alcoholic mojito recipe that I’m sharing here. Mojitos, the national drink of Cuba, makes good use of mint, a wonderful digestive herb and a super flavoring on its own. I’ve heard that the best mojito is made with a mint called Richters mojito mint. I’m on the lookout for that now. Usually spearmint is used because it is sweeter than peppermint.

How to Make a Mojito

1/2 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 to 1/3 cup sugar or equivalent Stevia
1/2 cup mint leaves, packed
12 ounces sparkling water, cold or soda water
Lime & mint for garnish
Rum to Taste (Optional but start with 2 ounces)

I like to add some ice to a glass, then the mint, then the juice and sugar or Stevia. Just lightly mash the mint and try not to tear the leaves. Add sparkling water or soda, more ice, mint and lime for garnish and enjoy.

Mojitos are a great refreshing drink that has grown in popularity lately as the mixed drink has begun to come back in fashion. But I think Mojitos are just as tasty without the rum.

Mojito Muddler: "How to Make a Mojito"

Mojito Muddler: “How to Make a Mojito”

The classic “How to make a Mojito” recipe uses a muddler to bruise the mint. Remember, you don’t want the mint in your Mojito torn up or it will be a mess, keeping it whole will make your drink – and your smile, a lot more pleasant. The classic mojito muddler looks like a little baseball bat. To make a mojito, you push and twist the muddler against the bottom and sides of the glass to release the oils in the mint leaves.

When you make a mojito, a muddler is a big help. It’s a bit like a mortar and pedestal and you’ll find plenty of mashing uses around your kitchen.

This article is a great use of the alternative sweetener Stevia. Rita uses Stevia, a natural herb, in her recipe on how to make a mojito. You might also enjoy reading about Stevia.

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