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How to cut calories in rice by half

Perfectly cooked rice

Perfectly cooked rice

This information is from the Dr. Oz show – pretty amazing. I had mentioned in my Community Press column that adding coconut oil to rice reduces the calorie count by half. I didn’t have room in the column to elaborate, but it’s important to know the whole concept. Here it is. (And FYI for those of you who read my newspaper column, I am asking my editors to include the following information in an upcoming column, as well).

“Rice may seem like a healthier grain choice for dinner, but in reality rice contains a lot of starch that turns into sugar and fat once digested. Plus, one cup of rice is about 200 calories! The good news is that by adding coconut oil into your rice, you can cut the calorie count in half. Use these tips to make your rice a little healthier.

Tip 1: Add Teaspoon of Coconut Oil to Rice
Coconut oil contains healthy fats that can change the composition of the starch in rice to reduce calories. Rice is made up of both digestible and resistant starches, and coconut oil increases the resistant starch levels of rice – meaning that fewer calories will be digested. Simply add the coconut oil to the boiling water and then add in the rice.

Tip 2: Cool and Reheat the Rice
The process of heating up already-cooled rice makes its resistant starch increase even more to cut out at least 100 calories from your serving. After you precook your rice, let it cool in your refrigerator for about 12 hours. Then reheat it before you serve it. ”

Thanks for the great info, Dr. Oz!


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