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How can you tell a store bought peach is ripe?


Here’s a question: how do we know when a store bought peach is ripe?

Well, aroma is one sign. And if they’re real hard, usually they are not ripe. But don’t just look at the blushing pink side. Check out the area closest to the stems. If its creamy yellow, it has ripened on the tree.  If it’s green, they may have been picked before they were ripe.


Do they ripen any more once they’re picked?


Not really. They will get softer and sweeter. If they are too hard lay them in a single layer on the counter for a couple of days. I bought a peck of fresh peaches at Jungle Jims International Market, Eastgate store, here in Cincinnati. I set them on the counter for a day and they were perfectly delicious.




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