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Homemade Nutella easier than you think

Homemade Nutella Homemade Nutella and Vanilla wafers with Nutella filling

Today I talked with Matt Swaim on Sacred Heart radio about butter and where it’s mentioned in the Bible. I shared this really good Nutella clone recipe and a “just right” snack for after school using Nutella.

Now some of you have asked about the difference between European and American butter. It’s mostly in the butterfat content. Some European butters contain more than some American butters. But it’s also the process and type of cream used. That translates into more expensive cost for European or even American butters with a high butterfat.


Love Nutella but not the expensive price tag? Make your own! I will tell you this homemade Nutella isn’t as smooth as store bought. But for that little difference, I’ll take mine over the commercial brand anytime! I have made several versions of Nutella with different amounts and kinds of dairy and chocolate, and this is the easiest recipe of all, plus it’s really good. Inspired by a “loyal listener’s” recipe.

1 cup hazelnuts, chopped (you may be able to buy them already chopped, in which case they are most likely already toasted. Or buy hazelnuts that are ground fine, called hazelnut flour or meal which is what I used for this recipe).

11-12 oz milk chocolate – can use chocolate morsels or higher quality bars, chopped – I used 11.5 oz bag of milk chocolate morsels

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons Hazelnut or favorite vegetable oil or combo of both (don’t use olive oil – I used hazelnut and safflower oil one time and Hazelnut oil another – the Hazelnut was awesomely good)

1 tablespoon melted butter

3 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa powder – I used Hershey’s regular cocoa powder

Several pinches salt


Melt chocolate and let cool. Meanwhile, process hazelnuts to a pasty consistency in food processor. Add vanilla, oil, butter, sugar and cocoa powder. Process until fairly smooth. Add cooled melted chocolate and process until it’s as smooth as you like.

To toast hazelnuts: Preheated 350 oven, 10-12 minutes or so.  Be careful not to toast too long or they’ll burn and taste terrible.  Wrap them in a tea towel and rub to remove loose skin. Not all will come off.

Store Nutella covered, at room temperature about a week, or iin refrigerator 3 months. To serve from refrigerator, warm up a little so that it’s spreadable.

A perfect snack for after school! For toddlers, just smear a bit of Nutella between 2 vanilla wafers or crackers.

Take a whole wheat English muffin and toast it.  Then spread with a layer of Nutella and thinly sliced fruit of your choice (the current faves are bananas, pears, cherries, cranberries or raisins). Some of the little ones like a drizzle of honey on top, too. I use raw honey.




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  1. Bruce

    Hi Mary….first of all thank you for coming to my blog and coentmming. I appreciate it more than you know. This fudge looks wonderful. I make a similar one but have never put nutella or hazelnuts in it. My children love nutella so I am going to have to try this. I know they will love it.Also I love your photo of your one bite header. Beautiful and it catches your eye. And I like how you have put recipes from a year ago and two years ago at the end of your post. Being a new blogger I am looking for ways to make my blog better. And I think this is good. So in a year I may do that. I haven’t been able to do my own headers yet, (my daughter has had to really help me with it) because I’m still learning to get around blogger. But yours is really great. You are a pro!!Nann

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