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Homemade gardener’s hand scrub – easy and effective

DSCN7466Here’s something for all you gardeners out there who seem to get dirt embedded everywhere on your hands. (Like me!). No real recipe but all you do is stir in enough liquid soap into sugar to make a sort of paste. You can use whatever soap you like – I use Dawn for heavy duty scrubbing. I also scent it with lavender essential oil. Nice and healing, as well.

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  1. Rita Heikenfeld

    Oh, one more thing – this makes a great foot scrub too!

  2. judy

    Dear Rita,
    I listen to Son Rise Morning Show from Youngstown Ohio on Living
    Bread radio, which I enjoy so much and I have heard your interviews. I hope you
    can help me, yesterday, June 1st. you gave a little “recipe” for children to use foods
    to describe the days of creation! I will be helping at a day camp for preschoolers
    at our Catholic preschool and kindergarten. Since we will be doing creative storytelling
    your ideas were perfect!! would you be so kind to share them with me? I would be truly
    grateful. The difficulty with radio is you can’t rewind and if you can’t write it down right
    then you”re out of luck. Thank you for any help if you could email the little creation
    recipe to me.

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      Hi, Judy,
      I know what you mean. I’ve posted it here along with another segment I did talking about even more Bible snacks. Fun and informative! Thanks for listening to the show. We love what we do.

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