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Herbal Saute Oils for Freezer

Here’s a recipe for Herbal Saute Oils that you can freeze. I talked about this in a former blog, as well, and used both butter and olive oil then. Today I used just olive oil.



Herbal saute oils ready for the freezer
Herbal saute oils ready for the freezer


There are 12 oils mentioned in ancient scripture that were valuable and held in high esteem. 

The oils mentioned in the Bible were as valuable or even more so than gold and silver. During Bible times, essential oils were inhaled, applied to the body and even taken internally for health

These oils were so valued that they were kept in the royal chambers along with the gold and silver.  Anointing with oil was a sacred rite during Bible days. The Hebrew word for Messiah means “Anointed One”.

Olive oil. Mentioned many times in the Bible.


Olive oil was used to light lamps and season food. It is often used as a carrier oil (a base oil to which you add essential oils for healing). Just as in Bible times, the best olive oil is from the first cold pressing of the olives.




You can make herbal sauté oils for the freezer. Very easy!


Pour olive oil or other oil into ice cube trays about 3/4 the way up. Then add a thin layer of chopped herbs to the oil. The herbs will sink into the oil. Freeze and use for sautéing. You can make single oils with one herb, or multiple oils, like basil, thyme and rosemary together for pastas & pizza sauces, or lemon grass and fennel for seafood. Use your creative license!







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