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Happy New Year!

No recipes, just a heartfelt wish to you. Thanks for visiting  my blog this year. Lots of friendships made through these visits! And my hope is that each of you have a new year filled with family, friends, food, health and peace.

Here’s a few photos from 2015.  You  know  how low tech I am so I hope I did these correctly.



DSCN6784No snow like this in 2015! But lots in 2014.  .


DSCN6599It’s a soup day


Fried KibbiDSCN6141

Hanging clothesHanging clothes on the line in springDSCN8542Wild Watercress in a spring filled pool

DSCN7471Decorating graves on Memorial Day


Wild Grapes

Wild Grapes in Summer

DSCN5868Wild Sassafras leaves for gumbo

Granddaughter Eva helping make washtub pickles

Granddaughter Eva helping make washtub pickles

I always think of my Mom when I make elderberry jelly. I  always think of my Mom when I  make elderberry jelly in late summer


DSCN2193A summer bouquet

Mother Nature's GiftBasket of Produce by Old Well

IMG_0374Wheres the crayfish?ImageHarvesting herbs in early autumn


DSCN8398Drying peppers for seed

DSCN3596Homemade cough syrup

DSCN6067A walk on the railroad tracks

DSCN8186The  Fox 19 TV set where I cook.
Getting ready to crack nutsGrandson Jack cracking hickory nuts

IMG_1593Christmas Trees!

DSCN7801My girls.

Erin's girlsNeighbor Erin’s pampered girls.

DSCN3229A must have on the holiday gift list


Eating from Garden of Eden BasketA basket of Bible foods and herbs










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