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Got rabbit? Make Rabbit Stew

It had been a long day. When I finally walked into the kitchen from the back door after being away all day, my husband, Frank, greeted me with a container of rabbit stew. “Erin made this”, he said. Now Erin and Josh Phillips are our across the road neighbors (out here in the sticks we say “road”, not “street). Well, I was so hungry I dived right into the cold stew. Oh my, it was so good even stone cold.

I told Erin she should share the recipe for the rabbit stew on her blog at Phillipsfarmbatavia.com, and she did just that.  There’s a delightful story, as always, that goes with the recipe.

Since some of you are hunters and Thanksgiving is the traditional day to go rabbit hunting, this recipe is for you!

And by the way, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day tune into the 8AM hour of the Sonrise Morning Show on 740AM here. You’ll be treated to Annie Mitchell, host, myself and my blingy friend and celebrity chef, Giovanna Trimpe. It’s all about Thanksgiving traditions plus a few tips, too.

Saturday, Nov 26 I’ll be on Ron Wilson’s annual Thanksgiving show along with my buddies, Joe Strecker and Joe Boggs. Tune in to that for some fun, great tips on gardening and cooking.  Again, a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to each of you.


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