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Go ahead and freeze tomatoes whole, w/skin on

Tomatoes ready for the freezer

Tomatoes from my garden ready for the freezer


Can you freeze tomatoes sans blanching? You bet.  I talked about how to do this with Ron Wilson on his radio show “In the Garden”. But here’s the deal:

Make sure your tomatoes are perfectly ripe with no bruises, cracks, etc. Wash, dry and then freeze whole. To thaw, just put in a colander under warm water and the skins will slip off. (My video on UTube shows how to do this). Anyway, these tomatoes are nice for cooked dishes.

Now if you want to blanch in boiling water for a couple of minutes to help remove the skin and to kill enzymes that may compromise the quality in the freezer, go right ahead. I have blanched more than my share of tomatoes but have come to the conclusion that, in cooked dishes, no discernible difference.

The bonus, besides being incredibly fast, is that you’re not chained to the stove with a steaming pot of water…..




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