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Flavoring Kombucha: Erin’s 8 Favorite Flavor Combos

Flavoring Kombucha: My 8 Favorite Flavor Combos

My friend, colleague and neighbor, Erin Phillips wrote this for Countryside Mag. She brought me over a bottle of fruit flavored Kombucha. So delicious: fizzy/healthy, not too sweet and really quenched my thirst.  And you’ll get a kick out of this: my scoby/mother that you need to start making Kombucha died on me. Suffocated actually. It smelled funny and I asked Erin what was wrong. “You didn’t let it breathe, and it died”, she said. Oooh, what a smell. Not nice. So I tossed it out and Erin’s going to give me a piece of her scoby to start again. I’ll let you know how that goes. You can learn all about Kombucha and what’s going on at her farm on her site.

Flavoring Kombucha: My 8 Favorite Flavor Combos

Erin Phillips shares her favorite combinations of herbs, spices, fruits and natural sweeteners for flavoring kombucha.  … READ MORE

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