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Easy way to remove cloves and peel garlic

Image 4Readers want to know: How to peel and mash a garlic clove without getting garlic on your hands

Wrap whole head of garlic in towel loosely. Hit with the flat side of a chef’s knife pretty hard. This dislodges all the cloves and leaves them intact without being smashed.

Lay clove on cutting board. Cut off root end only leaving rest of peel on.

Put a chef’s knife, flat side down and sharp edge away from you, on top of clove.

Smash with your hand, palm side down by putting pressure on knife. I give it a hard smack. Be careful.

You’ll have a clove of garlic, smashed a bit.

Pull peel off by picking up tip of peel with your fingers and shaking it to allow garlic to drop out. This will prevent garlic from getting on your fingers.

Image 2 Start mincing!


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