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Don’t be afraid to make these potions to drink on Halloween


This makes a lot – great for all the goblins and ghosties


Makes 32 servings, 8 oz ea.


Stir together:

1 gallon  fruit punch

1 quart  pineapple juice

1 quart Sunny Delight orange drink


Right before serving, stir in:

2 liters chilled orange soda




  • Stir in 1 quart orange sherbet right before serving


  • Substitute 100% orange juice for Sunny Delight


Makes 40 servings, 8 oz ea.


Stir together:

1 gallon  fruit punch

2 quarts V8 Splash tropical blend

2 quarts cranberry pomegranate juice


Right before serving, stir in:


2 liters chilled lemon lime soda



 Substitute Ocean Spray cranberry juice for the cranberry pomegranate juice

Tips from Rita’s kitchen:

Floating “severed hands”: 

Fill clear plastic kitchen or vinyl gloves (not powdered) with your favorite beverage. I like red fruit punch. If desired, before pouring into glove, stir in a few drops of red food coloring. Tie gloved hand with a rubber band, securely tightened. Place on cookie sheet. If you like, place over a small plastic bowl to create a “clutching” hand. Freeze until hard. To remove from glove, cut below knot and peel back glove. To assure you don’t break off fingers, use scissors to cut around fingers. Place in punch right before serving.

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