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Crystalized/candied violets & edible flowers & leaves


Crystallized/candied edible flowers and leaves

I love this time of year. It brings out my simple creative side, and that means making crystallized flowers and leaves. All parts must be coated both with egg white and granulated sugar so that they preserve well. If you’re concerned about using raw egg white, buy pasteurized eggs. These are beautiful as a garnish for baked goods, ice cream, etc. Nothing like the commercial ones which are tumbled in drums and look like colored nuggets.

Edible flowers, leaves

Egg white
Granulated sugar, regular or fine

First, make sure you have “clean” petals and leaves, no toxic spray on them. They must be dry. Whip egg white until foamy. Whipping allows you to coat petal without weighing it down.

Foamy egg whiteFoamy egg white

Take a small brush and coat petal on both sides very lightly but thoroughly. You can place it on a flat surface and coat each side with egg white.

Have a small dish or pile of sugar ready. Place flatly on sugar to coat underside and sprinkle top lightly and thoroughly. Check underside to make sure it’s coated well.


Gently shake off excess sugar. Carefully lay on wire rack to dry. Drying may take several days or more. They’re ready when you can break off a piece cleanly, without it bending. Store covered in single layers at room temperature away from any humidity.

Tip from Rita’s kitchen:
I’m going to test these using water instead of egg white. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

List of edible flowers/herb leaves I used:
Violets, violas, pansies, impatiens, mint leaves, violet leaves.

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