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Copper River Coho Salmon – It’s here and it’s fresh!

My friend and colleague, Tom Keegan, just sent me this info on his “daily catch”. He is passionate about quality and fresh and has contacts all a over the world to make sure he gets the best, freshest seafood at his shop here in Hyde Park in Cincinnati.


2724 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, OH. 45208    

          Kyle Lee & his King Salmon – Coming to Keegan’s soon!
It’s All in the Family

Kyle Lee and his crew will be fishing the mouth of the Copper River for Coho Salmon this week and next. We brought 50 pounds in last week. They were the biggest, fattest Coho Salmon I ever filleted!!!Being a small family business, it is important to us to work with other small family businesses. So, we wanted to introduce you to the fisherman who brings us the Copper River Sockeye, King and Coho Salmon.

Meet Kyle Lee. He refers to himself as the ‘humble fisherman’. Born and raised in Alaska he has been fishing ever since he has been strong enough to hold a fishing pole. It is his favorite pastime as well as his way of life. We purchase all of our Copper River Salmon directly from him, thereby supporting a local family and the people he employs.

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Copper River Coho Salmon
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Thanks for your support,
Tom Keegan
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