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Cold Cooking in Granny’s Gardens

Cold Cooking from the Gardens w/Rita Heikenfeld


“Thank you so much for such a fun class! The girls loved it, learned a lot and have asked for salad and orzo every day since!” Kelly Cappelletty



What a fun time. We get the adults and kids directly involved in this hands on class. These kinds of activities are what turns kids on to gardening, cooking and eating healthy.


We start by harvesting vegetables.  It’s like a walking gardening lesson with Rita and Granny sharing tips, showing how to harvest each item and how to know if something is ready to harvest.


Rita is an expert gardener, cook and herbalist.  You can connect with her on her blog About Eating and weekly column in the Community Press/Cincinnati.com


We have everything harvested, cleaned and are ready to start chopping.



You will come away from this workshop with your head full of new knowledge about gardening, cooking, herbs and natural home remedies for such things as hand sanitizing and cleaning supermarket produce.


It’s called “Cold Cooking” because we do not cook with heat during the workshop.  We do sometimes have hot dishes, i.e. roasted vegetables to introduce participants to additional ways to prepare fresh produce.


The most enjoyable part of the workshop is seeing the kids involved, enthusiastic and  engrossed in the whole process.

There are plenty of jobs to keep everyone busy.

rita-20150606_103233 rita-20150606_104158

We teach safe cutting and food preparation techniques.


This young lady is engrossed in tearing chocolate mint into tiny pieces to add to our watermelon and blackberry fruit salad.  We do not grow watermelon but do have a very nice blackberry patch.


The salad is picture perfect and yummy with Rita’s simple balsamic dressing.


The stuffed squash blossoms would be right at home on the plate in the finest restaurant.


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  1. Erin Phillips

    Oh! This looks so fun! What an awesome experience for those kids to learn about the growing, preparing, and eating of such fresh and beautiful food!

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      It’s some of the most rewarding teaching I do. Kids are so adventurous, as you are learning with your boys!

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