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Carnival slaw for Labor Day picnic

Carnival Slaw
Carnival Slaw

This spring, grandson Jack brought home a tiny cabbage plant. Jack planted it in our vegetable garden and tended it well when he came over. It grew to 7 pounds, trimmed. I’m going to make carnival slaw with it. I call it carnival slaw because the colors are as vibrant as the colorful rides at summer carnivals. This would make a nice side dish to that Labor Day picnic.

Carnival slaw

If you don’t have fresh oranges, canned, drained Mandarin oranges work well as a substitute. I would use 2 small or one large can. If you have some fresh parsley, chop up a bit and toss that in.


1 # cabbage, sliced thin like cole slaw or 1 # slaw mix

8 oz. extra red cabbage, cut up like slaw mix  – may not need all

1 teaspoon ea: salt and pepper

1 small red or sweet onion, chopped

1 red, orange or yellow bell pepper, chopped

2 carrots grated (can use bagged already grated, may not need all)

2 nice sized oranges, peeled and cut up


Mix together until sugar dissolves:

1/2 cup clear vinegar

1/3 cup sugar – may need a bit more to taste

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup orange juice

Pour over salad and toss gently. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour. Stir before eating.


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