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Buggy Joe!! What is it?? – Redbud Leaffolder

1 Redbud Leaffolder - Late and Early Instars 2006 3Redbud Leaffolder Silk and Larvae
Another of my colleagues and friends, Joe Boggs, from OSU Extension, always calls in during the growing season to Ron Wilson’s radio show on WKRC here in Cincinnati and talks about what’s happening in his buggy world….

I had leaves folding over on my redbud trees – we cut them off and gave them to the chickens, who ate all the caterpillars in there. Here’s the deal, according to Joe:

Last season, the unusual leaf symptoms caused by the Redbud Leaffolder (Fascista cercerisella; order Lepidoptera; family Gelechiidae) on its namesake host were observed throughout Ohio. Questions regarding leaves turning brown after being folded over or “glued” together continued to come into Extension offices throughout September. This could be a repeat season based on what I’ve seen so far.


Two-to-three overlapping generations occur per season in Ohio with 2nd and 3rd generation nests containing caterpillars in various stages of development. Populations tend to build with each generation and it appears we are well into the 2nd generation in many areas of the state. The moth spends the winter as pupae in debris and fallen leaves beneath infested trees.

Read more: http://www.ronwilsononline.com/content/2017-08-29-hey-buggy-joe-what-is-it-redbud-leaffolder/#ixzz4riJ2yn8Q


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