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Beautiful: Friends of Boone County Arboretum Tea

image001Oh gosh, I felt like I was in Downton Abby enjoying a fancy tea when I presented at the Friends of Boone County Arboretum’s tea. You can see what I mean from the photos below.

Stephanie Schenk, Donna Wilmhoff and crew amazed me with their organization skills, their beautiful, one of a kind themed tables, each decorated by a different member with their best china, crystal and silver.  Each participant took home a capped bottle of homemade herbal wine vinegar for which I gave a recipe.

My talk was on eating from the Garden of Eden – and included herbs from Bible days that people still enjoy today for teas.

The food was not only gorgeously presented, but every bite (and I sampled everything!) was as good as it looked. I am asking Donna to share a couple of her recipes for you.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos:


DSCN8860 DSCN8859 DSCN8858 tea
DSCN8857 DSCN8855
DSCN8853 IMG_2476 IMG_2473

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