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Aromatherapy in the herb garden


Yesterday my throat and head were stuffed up and the last thing I wanted to do was work in the herb garden. Mother Nature was cooperating with the weather, so I knew I had to start getting the garden cleaned up for winter. I was grumbling since my task seemed to loom so large. The weeds had sprung up just about everywhere. I was taking my garden plaque down when I stopped to really read it once again. My attitude changed immediately. I thought you’d enjoy seeing the verse I read that put me in a positive frame of mind. Not only that, but when I cut back the eucalyptus, thyme and horehound, those powerful herbs that help with respiratory ailments, my head and throat cleared up nicely. Lesson learned!





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  1. mary

    Your recipe using “goat cheese” does not function – message ‘page not found’
    all other recipes work properly. I wanted the goat cheese recipe for tonight.

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      Check out Thecathlicbeat site – I’ll post it later here again as well. Sorry I’m late in replying.

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