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A walk on my old country road a visual delight of late summer wild flowers


Purple Ironweed

Purple Ironweed

The weather was picture perfect today for a long walk down my old country road. I sidetracked to the woods and the river to photograph wild flowers. This time I was smart – before I went I sprayed some of my homemade insect repellant on so I wouldn’t be so tempting to the bugs.

I have to say that the goldenrod, jewelweed, wild sunflowers and purple ironweed were simply gorgeous in their simplicity.

Here’s some photos:

Autumn clematis

Autumn clematis


Cup plant

Cup plant



See the shape of the leaf. It "cups" at the base where water collects.

See the shape of the leaf. It “cups” at the base where water collects.








Goldenrod – sometimes confused with ragweed since they both bloom about the same time.


Honeysuckle - What? This is usually a spring bloomer!

Honeysuckle – What? This is usually a spring bloomer! Found near the top of the spring by the old mill

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  1. Susan Quinn

    Rita, I don’t know where live but it sounds wonderful. My dog and I walk around the pond here where I live and see goldenrod, still see Queen Anne’s Lace, purple clover and others I can ‘t identify. Sounds like the country, but it isn’t. Still brings out the country girl in me though. I wonder who planted the Autum Clematis. Reminds me of my sister, may she RIP.

    1. Rita Heikenfeld

      Hi, Susan,
      Yes, those wild flowers seem to pop up everywhere. And about your sis, the autumn clematis reminds me of my mom, who first gave me a start way back when. She called it “matrimony vine” and I planted it alongside our pony’s fence. Every year it came up smelling wonderful. What a nice memory you have, too. Maybe they’re up in heaven together smiling….

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