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A true weight loss success story

Joe Strecker and I have been colleagues of sorts for a number of years. I first  met Joe while guesting on Ron Wilson’s gardening radio show way back when. Joe was, and is, the Executive Producer of Ron’s show, among others at the radio station/55WKRC in Cincinnati. I’ve come to know Joe well and consider him a friend.

Joe told me he’s always had a weight problem, but he came to a crossroads after finding himself in the hospital during the Christmas season in 2013. Joe’s story is one of determination, faith and what I call true grit. He is now a healthy, handsome specimen!  Here’s what Joe has to say:

“I started this journey Dec 2013 after my doctor gave me the gravest news possible …I was killing himself!  At my all time highest weight of 470lbs, a single father of 2 adorable little girls this was my wake up call.

So with this heavy news I vowed to change my life…

Jan 2014  was the start date… with a lot of determination, support, help from a wellness program ((NO SURGERY)),  and encouragement from family and friends as of Jan 2015 I now weigh 250 lbs!

Yes, that’s right within 1 year I lost 220 lbs.”

Here is a link to Joe’s  latest blog post:   http://www.joestrecker.com

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