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A photo gallery of my cable and tv show appearances

Justin after filming

Justin after filming

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes during filming for TV? Well, I can tell you what you see is what you get when it comes to me and my live TV cooking. Take for instance, these photos from
my cable TV show filmed at Firehouse #51 with Justin Hawthorne, our media production specialist. That’s Justin in the photo after filming. He’s so talented and makes me look pretty darn good when I’m cooking in spite of the fact that the show is unscripted, unrehearsed and we do only 1 take of the full hour.


I made these Ciabatta “grinders” during the show to go along with the soups I was serving.


IMG_1937Me ladling out soup for the firemens’ lunch 
DSCN5602On Fox 19: Me with Anchors Jessica and Rob and producer Tiffany Catherine, our weather lady, goofing off between segmentsOn Fox 19: My favorite weather girl, Catherine, goofing off in between segments. The camera crew is behind her DSCN8264On Fox 19: I love these people! Anchors Rob and Frank and meteorologist Catherine before filming.

Jessica and Dan are weekend anchors. We have way too much fun!

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