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A Bevy of Basils


Purple & Green Basils

Purple & Green Basils


A bevy of basils:

My favorites are the sweet greens, like Genovese, Ruffles and Minet, a tiny bush type. I also love the purple and Thai basils. Now the green basils have a clean taste of cloves and licorice, the purple not as pungent, and the Thai basils have hints of cinnamon, citrus, cloves and licorice.

Lemon and Iranian basils are wonderful with chicken, and the green pepper basil tastes like, well, green bell pepper! I have tree basil which is very clove-like in flavor. The leaves are great big and leathery looking. My holy basil smells, to me, like bubblegum! I like to use it more as an ornamental and in potpourris. It’s a very pretty, lighter green leafed basil. The Mexican/Cinnamon basil is excellent in baked goods and in grains.
Here’s a nice recipe using fresh basil:


Basil, Ham and Sun Dried Tomato Spirals


Flour tortillas – I like to use the colored veggie ones along with whole wheat. Spread a thin layer of some herbed cheese, like Rondale or Boursin (I have a recipe for homemade Boursin on the site). Top with a light sprinkling of sun dried tomatoes, then 2 or so slices of very thin sliced ham, then layer basil leaves on top. Roll up tightly, slice on diagonal and serve. These can be made up to a day ahead.

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